Hollywood Service Center Brake Repair Rochester NY

Ever heard a grinding or squealing sound when you press your foot on the brake pedal? Let’s talk about what makes a braking system work.  When you step on the brakes, pressurized brake fluid pushes against the pistons inside the caliper, forcing the brake pads against the rotor. As the brake pads press against both sides of the disc, the friction stops the wheel’s rotation. Over time the heat and friction wear down these parts and you will need maintenance or replacement on your brakes.

There are several methods when it comes to fixing your squealing or mushy brakes. Come see the experts at Hollywood Auto and we will first inspect your brakes to identify the problem.  What’s included in a brake job depends on where each part is in its lifecycle. For example, you may or may not need new rotors with your replacement brake pads. 

A brake inspection should include a check of all brake parts and connectors, dashboard lights, external brake lights, brake fluid condition, and hydraulic pressure through the brake lines.

You may need new brake pads, rotors, or new brake fluid when you notice any new sound or diminished pedal response when you brake. Worn brake pads can squeak – and the situation will worsen until you hear the grinding sound of unprotected rotors. Worn pads and low brake fluid pressure can each cause a life-threatening delay in braking. 

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